Minimum Safety Requirements for All Burning

In areas where outdoor burning is permitted, TVF&R reminds you to burn safely.

  • Only burn during daylight hours.
  • Separate material into smaller burn piles to control size and assist in extinguishing.
  • Ensure materials are dry, to ensure efficient burning and minimize the generation of smoke.
  • Never leave your outdoor fire unattended.
  • Have proper equipment available/on-hand to put out or contain your fire. Includes, but is not limited to:
    • a shovel 
    • water source 
    • cell phone (to report if unable to contain or extinguish)


In addition to all other specified rules, outdoor burning must be conducted safely when it is allowed. Oregon Fire Code (OFC) Section 307.3 provides authority for TVF&R to extinguish any outdoor fire that creates or adds to a hazardous situation, or that is in violation of applicable codes, regulations and laws.