Fire Pits, Campfires, and Similar Appliances

TVF&R does not regulate:

The use of small fire pits, fire tables, outdoor fireplaces, barbecue pits, campfires, and similar activities provided that they are burning clean dry firewood, propane, natural gas, charcoal or similar fuels AND the fire is confined by a noncombustible barrier (such as a metal fire ring, masonry or stone enclosure, a hole in bare earth, etc.)

Fire Pit 8

If there is no confinement, such as an open stack of firewood on the ground, it would be considered a:

  • Recreational Fire - if less than 3'x2', or
  • Bonfire - if larger

Click here to learn more about recreational fires and bonfires.


Burning of leaves, branches, and other yard debris, or agricultural waste, is NOT exempt from outdoor burning rules, even if it is burned within an approved fire pit or similar appliance. Burning such material is always subject to DEQ "backyard burning" rules, DEQ Permanent Burn Ban rules, and TVF&R High Fire Danger Burn rules.