Business and Workplace Safety

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Fire presents a significant risk to businesses. It can seriously injure or kill employees and customers and can also destroy buildings, equipment, and product. Even a small fire can cause a business to close their doors for good. TVF&R performs fire inspections in businesses, but our visit may be infrequent, depending on the type of business you are. We encourage you and your staff to learn about fire safety in the workplace and take all necessary precautions every day to minimize the risk in your business.  

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Using A Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can be an effective tool for fighting a small fire. In businesses, extinguisher locations are determined when a building is built or business is opened, but it can also be addressed during a fire inspection. We look for locations that are properly spaced, visible, and easy to access. If a fire continues to burn after using a fire extinguisher, exit the building immediately and call 911.