Youth Safety

Let's Keep Our Kids Safe

Children Misusing Fire

Children and fire can be a deadly combination. TVF&R can provide you with education, intervention, and referrals to mental health agencies when you are affected by a child misusing fire. Early intervention is key to prevention!

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Seatbelt and Car Seat Safety

Protect your children by buckling them up properly. Learn more about how to ensure your child is properly belted, or sized to their car seat.

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Water Safety

Drowning is a quick and silent killer. It only takes a few seconds for a child to become submerged in water from a bathtub, swimming pool, or lake. Use this site to help protect your children around water. 

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Bicycle and Wheeled Sport Safety

Helmets protect from brain injury, a serious consequence from play and sports. Children should wear properly fitting and fastened helmets when engaging in sport activities.  Use this site to help learn more about helmet safety, fitting, and to access free or low-priced helmets. 

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