Fire Marshal's Office

TVF&R’s Fire Marshal’s Office and our regional Operating Centers oversee the enforcement of fire codes, new construction review, fire investigations, and public education activities designed to reduce hazard and risks throughout the community.

Code Enforcement, Inspections and Complaints

  • Fire Inspectors and Deputy Fire Marshals inspect thousands of buildings and properties each year. To learn about what they look for and how you can prepare for an inspection, see our Fire Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  • TVF&R requires permits (PDF) for tents, canopies, temporary haunted houses, ceremonial fires, blasting with explosives, LPG tank installations, flammable or combustible liquid tank installations and flame effects used with audiences.
  • The sale of fireworks or use of commercial or agricultural fireworks requires a permit (PDF) from the Oregon State Fire Marshal. For more information contact 503-378-3473.
  • To report a fire hazard, call 503-649-8577.

New Construction & Development Plan Review

  • TVF&R works in conjunction with the local jurisdictions we serve to review new construction projects for compliance with fire and life safety requirements.
  • For questions about new construction requirements, please contact us 503-649-8577.

Private Hydrant Testing

  • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance shall be performed by a qualified person.
  • Any correction or repair shall be performed by a qualified maintenance person or contractor.
  • Access the Private Hydrant Testing Form (PDF)

Fire & Arson Investigation

  • TVF&R investigates every fire that occurs within our District. By understanding what causes fires, we learn how to better prevent them and assist in prosecution of those who threaten our community by intentionally setting fires.
  • To obtain a copy of a specific fire report, contact us 503-649-8577

Public Education

  • Often the key to preventing fires and other emergency incidents is to provide education and change risky behaviors.
  • TVF&R has an extensive public education program. To learn more, view our Safety & Education webpages.