Outdoor Burning

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue

Burn Ban Expires Saturday, October 10, 2020

Fall Backyard Burning Season: October 1 – December 15

Spring Backyard Burning Season: March 1 – June 15

*Note - Backyard burning is different than commercial agricultural burning. See details below.

Backyard Burning

  1. Backyard burning is NOT permitted inside the DEQ Burn Ban boundary. Backyard burning outside the DEQ Burn Ban area is permitted only during designated burn seasons and on DEQ approved burn days.
  2. The designated burn seasons are March 1 - June 15 and October 1 - December 15. Persons wishing to conduct open burning operations should call 503-259-1789 or check the Willamette Valley Open Burning Announcement website on the day they wish to burn. The phone line and website will confirm whether it is a DEQ authorized burn day, including approved hours.
  3. Backyard burning includes yard debris, trimmings, and clippings only. Dimensional lumber, trash, or other non-yard debris items cannot be burned at any time. Persons must ensure that combustible material is dried to the best extent possible. This includes covering the combustible material to protect from moisture and loosely stacking the material to eliminate dirt, rocks, or other noncombustible material to promote an adequate air supply within the burning pile. Source: OAR 340-264-0070
  4. Backyard burning is only allowed during daylight hours and within a specified distance from a structure. Open burning shall not be conducted within 50 feet of any structure or other combustible material. Conditions, which could cause the fire to spread to within 50 feet of a structure, shall be eliminated prior to ignition. The exception is clearance from structures and other combustible materials may be reduced to not less than 15 feet when burning is conducted in an approved burning appliance such as a burn barrel, or not less than 25 feet when the burn pile size is 1 cubic yard or less in diameter. Source 2010 Oregon Fire Code 307.
  5. If a fire starts to spread to other combustible materials or threatens structures, call 911 immediately.

Commercial Agricultural Burning

Commercial agricultural burning is allowed only on designated Oregon Department of Forestry (EDIFY) burn days, during approved hours. Agriculture burning information can be found at the Willamette Valley Open Burning Announcement website each day. The announcement will confirm whether it is a ODF authorized day, including approved hours.

Department of Environmental Quality

DEQ is responsible for establishing and enforcing the regulations pursuant to open burning and air quality. If you wish to report an illegal burn, smoke, or air quality issue; file an online complaint or call DEQ at 888-997-7888. Individuals found in violation of the regulations above can be fined between $1,000 and $2,500 (per event) by DEQ. Individuals may also liable for any property loss damage and suppression costs resulting from a burning incident.

TVF&R responds to fires that are a threat to people and property. If a fire is threatening nearby structures, vegetation, or other combustible materials, call 911 immediately.