Wildfire — Ready, Set, Go!

Plan Prepare Stay Aware

We know wildfires can happen here. Using these three simple steps: READY, SET, GO!, you will find practical steps to create a safety buffer around your home and property, make a plan, and be prepared to leave should you receive word to evacuate.


Learn home hardening and how to create defensible space.

Taking these actions can help you prepare and protect your home and property from wildfire.

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Create your plan. 

Take these actions to develop your family's communication and evacuation plan and assemble an emergency kit.

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Be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. 

Know the evacuation levels and the steps to take to get your family out quickly.

Locate evacuation zone levels at www.tvfr.com/evacuation 

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Consider lessening the risk of a wildfire impacting your home by teaming up with your neighbors to create a Firewise Community! 

Firewise USA is a program that helps residents reduce wildfire risks by offering a framework for coordinated efforts designed to minimize fire dangers and enhance protection of your home and neighborhood.

For more information, visit NFPA's Firewise USA site today!

Firewise Communities in our service area include:

  • Barrington Heights (2014)
  • Savanna Oaks (2017)
  • Skyline Ridge (2020)
  • Sunburst II (2021)
Local Firewise Community