Emergency Preparedness

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Our Role In a Disaster

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue's (TVF&R's) 29 fire stations respond to incidents in their immediate community and in neighboring cities throughout our service area; we have almost 100 volunteer firefighters who augment the emergency response services of our career firefighters.

Our crews are trained to operate independently during a major disaster, even with degraded communications systems. They will likely be out of their fire stations, assessing damage in their immediate area and rendering aid where most needed - which means that someone going to a fire station to seek aid or to volunteer may not find our crews there.

TVF&R’s Fire Operations Center (FOC) activates during disasters and other major events, to coordinate our operations across our service area and with other local governments and service providers. The FOC is located in a seismically resilient building with backup power, designed to maintain our information and emergency communications systems during and after a disaster.

How to (barely) survive a week without power

Your role

Prepare yourself and your family. Although TVF&R assists with training for its member cities who manage their own CERT programs, there are many simple steps that individuals and families can take on their own that do not require extensive training or program membership. Work with your neighbors to prepare your community (PDF).

YOU can increase your ability to survive - or just reduce the unpleasantness, by doing the following:

Want to see how it's done? Check out even more videos on preparing for emergencies! (Courtesy Washington State Emergency Management Division)

Preparing your workplace: How much do disasters cost?

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