New Construction and Service Provider Permits

Scope of Services

TVF&R provides plan reviews for access and water supply on new commercial and residential construction in our service area (map available here). Our Deputy Fire Marshals work collaboratively with our municipal Planning and Building Departments to ensure customers receive timely and efficient service. 

New Construction Application Guides

To aid in design and process, TVF&R has complied the applicable subjects with Fire Codes citations for projects. 

Plan Review and Service Provider Permits

TVF&R receives plans for review electronically and on paper (hardcopy). Using the appropriate link below, you will learn how to submit your plans and what to include. 

Mobile Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (MERRC) 

Traffic Calming

TVF&R supports limited types of traffic calming measures on road surfaces to aid in reducing speed and keeping citizens safe. Our goal to provide fast and effective emergency response can be hampered if improperly used or installed. The following guide helps identify calming measures and our level of support.