Codes & Technical Services

Business Inspections and Code Enforcement

TVF&R's trained staff are responsible for conducting inspections in our existing businesses and buildings to ensure those buildings are safe and are compliant with the adopted fire code. Our goal is to minimize the risk of fire and keep your employees and customers safe and your business safely operating. 

New Construction and Service Provider Permits

TVF&R provides plan reviews for access and water supply on new commercial and residential construction in our service area. Our certified staff work collaboratively with our municipal Planning and Building Departments to ensure customers receive timely and efficient service. 


TVF&R uses permits as written authorizations for a project or event. They work to ensure safety by allowing our code officials to review for potential unsafe or hazardous situations that could put our firefighters and your health, safety, and welfare at risk. 

Fire Investigations

Charged with determining the origin and cause for fires, our team of highly specialized staff work to process scenes and determine how we can implement fire and life safety education, code enforcement, or innovative engineering to ensure our citizens and businesses are safe from the devastating losses of a fire.

Adopted Codes and Ordinances

TVF&R adopts the Oregon Fire Code. Typically, this code is published every three years. Additionally, we reference other codes and standards which serve as companion documents.