Business Inspections and Code Enforcement

Preparing For A Fire Inspection

Fire Inspectors and Deputy Fire Marshals inspect thousands of buildings and properties each year. Use this resource to learn about common deficiencies and prepare for your upcoming fire inspection. Fire Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Knox Box Ordering

TVF&R works cooperatively with the Knox Company for our emergency key access. If required to provide a Knox box or lock for a newly built structure, or as a result of a fire inspection, use the link provided below to place your order.

Please note: Knox boxes are mailed to you WITHOUT the key core. Contact TVF&R at 503-259-1550 when the box has been installed. We will schedule a time with you to install the key core and secure the box.

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Knox Box

Private Hydrant Testing

Private hydrants require the same inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) as a publicly owned hydrant. Code requires the ITM to be performed by a qualified person. Any corrections or repair shall be performed by a qualified maintenance person or contractor.

Private Hydrant Testing Form (PDF)

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Private Hydrant Inspection Checklist

Fire Watch Procedures

A fire watch occurs at the direction of the Fire Marshal and is instituted during periods where life safety systems are under repair or replacement. When directed, use the following form to perform and complete a permitted fire watch.

Fire Watch Agreement and Log (PDF)

Fire Code Corner 

Learn more about codes that affect you and your business here!

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Fire Code Corner _ Commercial Cooking Hoods