Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there opening and closing dates for TVF&R accepting applications? 
Yes. We will open the application period when we have a business need to establish an eligible list. The eligible list may last up to 24 months, and we will fill any current and future vacancies within this time period from the eligible list.  
When can I apply? 
We announce an open period during which we accept applications to participate in the examination. When our plans for a new examination develop, we notify individuals who have registered on the Notify Me area of our website. 
Is there an age requirement? 
Yes, applicants must be at least 18 years of age. 
What do I need to do to prepare for applying? 
a)   Obtain your EMT or Paramedic license.
b)   Maintain your physical conditioning.
What do I need to do to apply?  
The posting will include all relevant information and key dates. When the application period is open:

a)   Register for TVF&R on National Testing Network’s site. Take the FireTEAM test (or associate your previous test score to TVF&R).
b)   Submit an online TVF&R application through our website, and
c)   Successfully complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and include the documentation with your application. See the CPAT section for information about the physical abilities test requirements. The dates accepted for the CPAT will be listed in the posting. 

When can I take the FireTEAM test? 
You can take the FireTEAM test at any time. However, you will only be able to submit your score to TVF&R when the application period is open. You are responsible for knowing when your FireTEAM score expires.  
Is there a testing fee? 
Yes. NTN charges a base fee for the FireTEAM test and an additional fee for each department to which you indicate to send your scores. Please check the NTN website for the fee amounts.
When are tests offered? 
Virtual or on-site testing it available. Virtual testing availability will be displayed for your selection when you select TVF&R as your department and advance in the registration process. On-site testing date availability is different for each testing center location. Click here to view upcoming examinations by date, state, profession and testing location.
Can I repeat the FireTEAM test? 
Yes, three months or more after your previous test. 
Do repeat testers typically improve their scores? 
National Testing Network has consistently found that candidate scores do not change much with re-tests. The video-based tests access situational judgment rather than knowledge that a candidate can study and prepare for.
If I repeat the test and score lower the second time, can I choose to use my first score instead?  
No, your most recent test scores will be your score. 
What does the testing consist of?
To learn more about the FireTEAM test components, please go to the NTN website. There are no study guides or other test preparation materials relevant to the tests that will be administered, but for more detailed information and 30+ practice items, visit the FireTEAM Practice Test website. 
Can I apply for a fee waiver for the FireTEAM test?  
TVF&R currently does not provide fee waivers.
How is the pass point calculated for the FireTEAM test?   
To be considered passing, you must meet or exceed the minimum scores as follows:  

   -Human Relations test score: pass point of 70% (one of two factors used to calculate exam score)
   -Mechanical test score: pass point of 60% (pass/fail)
   -Reading test score: pass point of 80% (pass/fail)
   -Math test score: pass point of 70% (pass/fail) 
I received my results of my FireTEAM test but don’t see specific scores. How do I know if I’ve scored high enough to pass?
NTN recently moved to a performance feedback model for sharing FireTEAM test results with an individual. We will continue to share with candidates if they have passing scores for each of the components and their status in the examination process. 
What is the other component of the exam? 
Applicants who pass all components of the FireTEAM test with the pass points indicated, and who have a passing CPAT within the indicated date window, will be invited to participate in an additional exam component: a recorded video interview. This interview will be scored by subject matter experts (select line personnel at TVF&R).