Local Option Levy

May 2024 Levy Proposal

Voters will decide in May 2024 whether to replace TVF&R's existing local option levy to maintain emergency response services. Over the past five years, there has been a 23 percent increase in the frequency of emergency incidents in TVF&R's service area. Our growing community and rising demands require more firefighters and paramedics to maintain reliable emergency response.

TVF&R is proposing a replacement levy with a rate of 69 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation for five years. TVF&R’s existing levy expires in June 2025. (Under Oregon law, levies expire in five years and require voter approval.) For property assessed at $305,000, about the average in TVF&R’s service area, the cost of the local option levy would be about $210.48 per year or $17.54 a month.

If the replacement levy does not pass, funding that pays for at least 92 of 450 TVF&R firefighters and paramedics would be lost and reductions in staffing and operations will be required. 

If the levy passes, levy funds will allow TVF&R to improve service levels and plan for expected increases in demand over the next 10 years. The levy will:

  • Retain at least 92 firefighters and paramedics and add 36 more. Additional responders at existing stations will ensure prompt response times and reliability when multiple incidents happen at the same time. 
  • Purchase specialized equipment used for medical emergencies such as cardiac monitors and defibrillators as well as critical firefighting tools including thermal imagers that aid in search and rescue efforts and self-contained breathing apparatus worn by firefighters in burning buildings.
  • Purchase smaller vehicles used to fight wildfires, shuttle water, and transport patients.
  • Add personnel who train and equip first responders.

Existing Levy

In May 2019, 82.24 percent of voters approved a renewal of TVF&R’s five-year local option levy to ensure fast and effective emergency response. Toward that goal, the levy will retain 92 firefighters and paramedics hired since 2000 and retain some staff positions that support operations. Levy funds will also be used to purchase land for future fire stations, fire hose, firefighting tools, and medical equipment to ensure effective emergency response throughout the District to meet increasing service demands. This levy expires in June 2025.