Relocate Logistics Center

Rendering of Logistics Service Center

What Prompted the Need to Relocate?

TVF&R’s Logistics Services are currently housed at the North Operating Center in Aloha. Originally built in 1979, this campus was recently sold to Washington County. District leaders recognized the need to centrally locate these services within our boundaries to better serve the entire District.

Project Highlights


TVF&R’s original plan was to build a new facility. However, the opportunity to purchase and retrofit an existing facility allowed for potential cost and time savings. The 40,000-square-foot building is located on 4.5 acres at 9991 SW Avery St. in Tualatin.

Logistics Service Functions

The District’s logistics service functions based at this facility will include: supply warehouse, fleet maintenance, communications, facilities maintenance, and administrative staff.

Building Features

The Logistics Service Center will be built to essential facility standards. Essential facilities are buildings that support functions necessary for post-earthquake response and recovery. These facilities typically include police stations, fire stations, 911 dispatch centers, hospitals, schools, power-generating facilities, etc. 

The building will feature seismic upgrades that meet current codes to withstand a major earthquake. In addition to staff workspaces, the building will have a meeting room, common work and storage areas, break rooms, and a workout room. It will be designed to operate for a minimum of 30 years.

Project Update

September 2019

The capital projects team submitted Phase 2 permitting documents to the city of Tualatin. Contractors prepared the fleet apparatus bays for concrete and are placing sheet metal flashing on the roof of the building.
Logistics Service Center prep for concrete
Logistics Service Center sheet metal flashing installation work

August 2019

The capital projects team is working to complete Phase 2 design documents. Meanwhile, contractors are nearly finished with roof work and started underground plumbing work.

Logistics Service Center roof work
Logistics Service Center plumbing work

July 2019

Contractors cut a new opening for the fleet bays into the building, began interior concrete demolition, and continue roof work.

June 2019

The capital projects team continues to work through the architectural review process for the remaining project scope. Meanwhile, the first phase of demolition work began. All existing shelving was dismantled and stored off-site.

May 2019

The capital projects team submitted permit applications to complete early seismic work. The seismic package plans are under review by city staff. The design team plans to submit additional items to the city for architectural review. 

April 2019

The capital projects team submitted an architectural review package to the city.

March 2019

Design work continues.

February 2019

The capital projects team continues design work for renovating the existing facility.