Rosemont Station 55 - New Station

Now Open!

Rosemont Station 55 officially opened on August 20, 2018. The community helped us celebrate during an Open House from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 6. A brief ceremony was held at 11:30 a.m. Guests toured the new fire station, met firefighters who operate out of the station, learned fire and life safety tips, and took a quick lesson in hands-only CPR during the family-friendly event.

Location/Service Area

Station 55 is located on a 2.6-acre site along Hidden Springs Road near Rosemont. It shares a southern boundary with Trillium Creek Primary School. The new station’s service area includes single- and multi-family housing, commercial structures, and areas of forest and agricultural land.

Why a New Station?

Fire District leadership conducted a thorough analysis of population density, incident types, and traffic when determining the ideal location for the new station. TVF&R identified the need for a station in this location to ensure fast and effective emergency response to local residents and to strengthen emergency response in the greater West Linn area. Due to the topography of the area and transportation network in West Linn, locating the station at the top of the hill at this location offers the best coverage and fastest response times to emergency incidents.

Rosemont Station 55 is a single-story fire station staffed around the clock by a four-person crew with room to expand if call volume increases. The station features a community meeting room.

Construction and Project Highlights

August 2018

The crew moved into their new quarters on August 20. Firefighters are now operating out of Station 55 and responding to incidents.

Crew standing in front of Station 55

Firefighters began responding to emergency incidents out of Station 55 on August 20.

July 2018

The station is steadily nearing completion as contractors continue final punch list work.

Alternate view of front of Station 55
Truck in front of Station 55

Landscape work is nearly complete. The tiller truck drove through the apparatus bay in preparation for move-in. Meanwhile, contractors installed office furniture as well as cabinets in the shop.

Office space of Station 55
Cabinet space in Station 55

June 2018

Contractors completed all concrete work on the site. Half-street improvements required by the city are nearly complete.

Construction at Station 55 1
Pavement work at Station 55

Apparatus bay doors are installed, and the final concrete pour at the station is complete. Inside the station, the EMS sink is in place, and appliances are being installed.

Construction at Station 55 2
Kitchen area at Station 55

May 2018

Installation of interior finishes is ongoing, and exterior site work continues. Contractors are nearly finished with installation of mechanical systems.

Construction at Station 55 3
Construction at Station 55 4

Siding installation is nearly complete. Contractors poured concrete for sidewalks; completed the epoxy floors in the locker rooms, public restrooms and utility closet; and installed interior casework in the kitchen, locker rooms, laundry room and community room.

Construction at Station 55 5
Cabinet space at Station 55 2

April 2018

Contractors completed drywall installation. Roof work is nearing completion, and installation of exterior finishes continues.

Construction at Station 55 6
Construction at Station 55 7

Contractors installed shingles on the roof and begin installing siding. Below, preparation for the sidewalk begins, and contractors install the ceiling grid in the station's exercise room.

Muddy ground at Station 55
Ceiling work at Station 55

March 2018

Contractors continue to move forward with roofing and drywall installation. Meanwhile, painting and installation of exterior finishes begins on the new station.

Construction at Station 55 8
Construction at Station 55 9

Roof work continues and contractors begin the installation of stone veneer on the exterior of the station. Below, the heat pumps are placed, and drywall installation continues.

Construction at Station 55 10
Construction at Station 55 11

February 2018

Contractors completed framing work on the building and began installing interior insulation and drywall. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in work continues.

Construction at Station 55 12
Construction at Station 55 13

Contractors began installing windows. Roofing work and building wrap installation is ongoing. Drywall was installed in the future community room, and shower installation started.

Bathroom construction at Station 55
Construction at Station 55 14

January 2018

Contractors began wrapping the building and installing the roof. Meanwhile, framing continues along with mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in work.

Construction at Station 55 15
Construction at Station 55 16

Building wrap and roof installation is ongoing. Below, electrical and plumbing rough-in work continues. Contractors installed the air ducts in the station's future community room.

Construction at Station 55 17
Construction at Station 55 18

December 2017

Site work continues. Contractors installed roof trusses and continue to frame the future station.

Construction at Station 55 19
Construction at Station 55 20

Framing work is ongoing. Contractors installed the roof trusses, and the concrete block enclosures for the future generator and propane tank are complete.

Construction at Station 55 21

November 2017

Site utility work continues. Building construction is underway. Contractors poured the slab and started framing.

Construction at Station 55 22
Construction at Station 55 23

Framing materials are stocked for the work in progress. Contractors have placed the stem walls on footings for the station's garden shed, below.

Construction at Station 55 24

October 2017

The project is moving along. Contractors continue concrete work and prepare for framing to begin.

Construction at Station 55 25

The concrete slab takes shape.

September 2017

Contractors are keeping busy on the site with excavation and concrete work and importing fill for site subgrade.

Construction at Station 55 26
Construction at Station 55 27

Contractors poured the footings and continue work beneath the wall. A vehicle barrier has been installed.

Construction at Station 55 28

August 2017

Site work continues. Contractors are installing electrical and plumbing utility infrastructure. Excavation for building footings is complete. Formwork and pours are scheduled.

Construction at Station 55 29
Construction at Station 55 30

The retaining wall is complete. Contractors work on fine grading for the main portion of the building pad. Below, plumbing and electrical infrastructure is installed.

Construction at Station 55 31

July 2017

Contractors are importing fill for site sub-grade and concrete work. Excavation and other site work continues.

Construction at Station 55 32
Construction at Station 55 33

Contractors import fill, build a retaining wall and form footings.

Construction at Station 55 34

June 2017

Contractors began installation of a mechanically stabilized retaining wall.

Construction at Station 55 35
Construction at Station 55 36

Construction is underway, and we would like to thank our neighbors for the donation of a picnic table for our contractors to use on site.

Construction at Station 55 37

May 2017

The project team has received site permits from the city, and the contractor has started mobilization activities.

Construction at Station 55 38
Construction at Station 55 39

Contractors prepared a portion of the site for a job shack that was delivered and placed.

February 2017

The architect and engineering team submitted plans to the city of West Linn for permit review and approval.

January 2017

The city approved the conditional land-use application, and the appeal period closed. The architect continued to develop plans, and the project team completed the quality assurance review.

December 2016

The city of West Linn held a land-use hearing on December 7. The project team continued to work on the development of plans and specifications for the station.

October 2016

The city deemed the land-use application for Station 55 complete.

September 2016

The project team submitted the land-use application to the city of West Linn on September 13.

June 2016

The project team continued to work through the land-use application approval process. The team attended the Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association meeting on June 21.

May 2016

TVF&R purchased property from the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. A schematic design of the station was completed, and a pre-application conference with the city was held on May 19.

April 2016

Due-diligence work was completed. The district expected to close on property acquisition within the next few weeks.