S. Wilsonville Station 52

29875 S.W. Kinsman, Wilsonville 97070

Project Status: COMPLETED

Exterior of Station 52

Now Updated!

South Wilsonville Station 52's remodel is complete. The facility has been updated and is now seismically reinforced, ensuring emergency response following a major earthquake and compliance with state law and local building codes. Station improvements also included the addition of accommodations for female firefighters and installation of an interior sprinkler system to improve the safety and function of the building.

Open House Celebration

The public helped us celebrate the remodel during an Open House on Saturday, September 19, 2015, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Guests had an opportunity to tour the station and apparatus, meet firefighters, learn about District services, and enjoy refreshments. Children sprayed a fire hose and went through TVF&R's mobile safety house to learn about fire safety and more.

Location/Service Area

Station 52 serves the city of Wilsonville, Charbonneau, and the surrounding agricultural, industrial, and wildland/urban interface areas. Extensive residential, commercial, and industrial development, and a steady increase in the number of senior care facilities is changing the complexity and challenge of this response area.

Why were station upgrades needed?

The building had operational and safety deficiencies. Seismic requirements for emergency services facilities have changed since this station was last upgraded. Minor seismic upgrades and improvements that address the District standard for female firefighters were required.

Construction and Project Highlights

April 2015

The final phase of the project was completed. The contractor finished up the last items on the punch list.

Station 52 kitchen

The new kitchen cabinets are in place.

Dorm room at Station 52

A new dorm room has been set up in the station for female firefighters.

March 2015

Roof work is completed, and the kitchen and dayroom are took shape. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical work continued.

Cabinets at Station 52

The kitchen now has new cabinets.

Construction in the shower room

Crews removed the old tile in the shower room.