Rock Creek Station 64

3355 N.W. 185th Ave.

Project Status: COMPLETED

Completed exterior of Station 64

Now Updated

Seismic upgrades reinforced this facility, ensuring emergency response following a major earthquake and compliance with state law and local building codes. The scope of work included additional safety improvements such as the installation of an interior sprinkler system, the addition of Americans with Disabilities Act parking, and provisions for female firefighters.

Open House Celebration

Somerset Station 64 in Rock Creek officially re-opened on October 2, 2017. The community helped us celebrate during an Open House on Saturday, November 4, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Neighbors toured the seismically upgraded station, met firefighters, and participated in fun, family-friendly activities during the event. TVF&R is grateful for the support of neighbors while Station 64 underwent a voluntary seismic upgrade.

Location/Service Area

Station 64 is situated at the junction of Highway 26 and 185th Avenue, serving the northern portions of Aloha and Hillsboro, Rock Creek, and other unincorporated neighborhoods of Washington County. The area has a diverse service profile, including single- and multi-family dwellings, wildland/urban interfaces as well as high-tech, commercial, and industrial occupancies.

Construction and Project Highlights

October 2017

Station 64's seismic remodel is complete. Firefighters returned and moved back into the station on October 2.

September 2017

The contractor is working through the final punch list items. Firefighters anticipate moving back into the station on October 2. Staff submitted the final close-out package documentation to the grant administrator.

Landscaping at Station 64
Installed handrails at Station 64

Landscaping around the station continues. Contractors installed exterior handrails and the exhaust hood in the kitchen.

Kitchen at Station 64

August 2017

Station 64 is nearing completion. Contractors and the architect will go through the final punch list with TVF&R representatives overseeing the project during the week of August 21. Once the crew returns to its newly seismically upgraded Station 64, contractors will begin demobilization of the temporary station, where firefighters have been operating out of during construction.

Installation of screens at Station 64 patio
Signage at Station 64

Contractors installed fixed, wood screens on the patio and affixed signage to the building.

July 2017

Building exterior and site work continues. Meanwhile, contractors are nearly finished with work inside the station.

Station 64 dishwasher
Concrete stairs at Station 64

Contractors have installed the dishwasher and completed concrete stairs. They are installing Alucobond panels on the exterior of the building.

Exterior construction at Station 64

June 2017

Contractors continue to work on interior finishes as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing trim out. Casework installation is also ongoing.

Emergency generator for Station 64
Construction of Station 64 kitchen

The new emergency generator is in place. Contractors installed countertops and fixtures in the kitchen, lights and plumbing in the locker room, and carpet in the day room.

Locker room construction at Station 64

May 2017

Contractors continue to work on interior finishes. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing trim out as well as casework installation are ongoing.

Exterior siding construction at Station 64
Exercise room construction at Station 64

Contractors completed exterior siding installation and placement of mirrors in the station's exercise room. Below, work crews continue to paint the interior of the station and complete tile work.

Painting interior walls at Station 64
Tile work at Station 64

April 2017

Station 64 is taking shape. The tent has been removed from the building. Contactors have started installing siding and drywall. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in work is nearing completion.

Outdoor patio construction at Station 64
Roof units at Station 64

New outdoor patio area and windows of the office space. Placement of the HVAC units on the roof. Drywall is hung in the hallway, and shower stalls are in place.


March 2017

Work crews finished the roof, and the tent will soon be taken down. The exterior weather barrier as well as the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in work is 95 percent complete. Interior framing is complete, and door frames are installed. Crews will install siding in a week and begin drywall work in two weeks.

Early morning view of Station 64 under construction

The site superintendent took an early morning photograph of Station 64 under its tent. Crews install the exterior vapor barrier.

Construction at Station 64

February 2017

Interior framing and seismic work at Station 64 is complete. Roofing, plumbing rough-in as well as heating, ventilating and air conditioning work is nearly complete. Work crews continue to complete electrical rough-in tasks. Exterior weather-proofing and siding installation are ahead.

Installation of shower at Station 64
Roof work at Station 64

Crews installed the shower in the men's locker room, and roof work started under the tent.

January 2017

Work crews completed the exterior wall and roof framing of the addition to the station. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in and interior wall framing continues. Crews will remove the tent on the site once roofing material and weather barrier work is complete.

Seismic work at Station 64
Tent covering Station 64 during construction

Seismic work in the apparatus bay is nearly complete. A tent around the station building enables work to continue in inclement weather. A blanket of snow covered the station grounds during a January storm.

Snow at Station 64

December 2016

Seismic upgrades in the crawl space are complete. Work crews are working on the exterior wall and roof framing of the new addition. Meanwhile, mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough in and interior wall framing continues.

Station 64 construction 1
Station 64 construction 2

The glulam beam is prepared for installation. Framing and sheathing installation continues. Work crews are nearly finished with installing plywood roof sheathing over the station's new addition.

Station 64 construction 3

November 2016

Work crews poured and backfilled stem walls in the building addition. The slab was also poured and followed with exterior wall framing work. Crews completed seismic work in the crawl space. Interior wall framing is underway.

Station 64 construction 4
Station 64 construction 5

Workers reinstall sub-floor at the new seismic footing under the existing living quarters of the station. A new seismic shear wall is being worked on in the living quarters. A new glulam beam to support the roof is being installed below.

Station 64 construction 6

October 2016

Work crews completed the apparatus bay roof and poured concrete in the stem walls in the addition and crawlspace. Seismic work for the roof of the living quarters is in progress. Steel for the crawl space is onsite and scheduled for installation.

Station 64 construction 7
Station 64 construction 8

Concrete forms for the stem walls are being placed. Window openings for the new bunk room are framed in. The following is a view of the exterior west wall of the living quarters.

Station 64 construction 9

September 2016

The seismic work on the apparatus bay roof is 95 percent complete and roofing material will soon be installed. Footings for the addition are being formed. Seismic work for the living quarter's roof is progressing along with seismic upgrades of the crawl space.

Station 64 construction 10
Station 64 construction 11

A worker places concrete blocks to fill an opening where the previous hose tower was removed. Meanwhile, roof work progresses. Work to seismically reinforce the roof continues, and footings for the addition are formed.

Station 64 construction 12
Station 64 construction 13

August 2016

Workers have completed demolition of Station 64's interior. Exterior demolition is in progress.

Station 64 construction 14
Station 64 construction 15

Seismic reinforcement of trusses is ongoing in the old bunk room area of the station. The exterior siding and Mansard roof framing are being removed, and trusses are being reinforced as part of the seismic upgrades.

July 2016

Station 64 construction 16
Station 64 construction 17

Interior demolition is in progress at Station 64.

June 2016

Station 64 construction 18

The temporary station move is complete, and contractor mobilization is in progress.

May 2016

Building permits for the remodel of the existing station have been issued, and sub-contractor bidding is complete. Construction is expected to begin in June.

Alternate view of temporary building at Station 64 site
Temporary building at Station 64

Site work and installation for temporary Station 64 continues.

April 2016

Site permits for temporary Station 64 have been obtained.

Site of Station 64 1
Site of Station 64 2

Site work is underway.

March 2016

Rendering of Station 64

An artist's rendering shows what the proposed station remodel will look like from the outside.

February 2016

Sub-contractor bid documents have been issued. Depending on permit approval dates, the contractor now plans to begin construction in April with a target completion of the project in July or August 2017.

January 2016

The plans and project specifications have been submitted for permit. The project team continues its work on bid documents. The contractor plans to mobilize in March, pending permit approval.

December 2015

Plans are 90 percent complete. The Board of Directors approved a lease agreement with Sunset Covenant Church to place a temporary station and apparatus shelter at 18555 N.W. Rock Creek Blvd. Crews are expected to move to the temporary site in late February 2016. They will provide service from the temporary location while the existing station is seismically upgraded.

November 2015

The team is working on bid documents. The construction manager/general contractor guaranteed maximum price will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval at the December board meeting. District staff members are working on an agreement with Sunset Covenant Church to lease vacant land at 18555 N.W. Rock Creek Blvd. to site a temporary fire station to allow the crew to continue to provide emergency response services in the area while the existing station is under construction. The church property is 1/10 of a mile away from Station 64.

October 2015

The project team submitted plans and specifications for permits.

September 2015

The project team continues to work on developing construction documents for Station 64. The plans and specifications are 80 percent complete. District staff members are negotiating for the use of a property to site a temporary station while the existing building is improved.

August 2015

District staff members are in discussions with property owners for the use their site for establishing temporary housing for firefighters while Station 64 is being improved. The project team continues to work through design development plans.

July 2015

The project team has completed 60 percent of the design development phase of the project. The seismic upgrades and remodel of the station are expected to be completed in spring 2017.

June 2015

A land-use application for Station 64 has been submitted. The project team continued to work through the design development phase of seismic upgrades and the station remodel.

May 2015

The project team continued to work through the design development phase of seismic upgrades and the station remodel.

The target completion date is in spring 2017.

April 2015

With approval of the schematic designs, a project team has moved into the design development phase of seismic upgrades and the remodel of Station 64.

March 2015

A project team has started to prepare for design development of seismic upgrades and the remodel of Station 64. The project is expected to be completed in spring 2017. This is one of three District projects that have received awards from the Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program.