Your Neighborhood Fire Station

TVF&R is data-informed

We continually analyze our demographics, incidents trends, and regional infrastructure to strategically place resources where they will best serve the community.

Over half of TVF&R’s fire stations are located in neighborhood settings (Map of TVF&R Fire Stations (PDF).

Extensive planning goes into fire station development. The process includes creating a structure that is functional as a fire station, yet complements the surrounding neighborhood.

In a neighborhood, there's often less need to sound the siren, especially at night. Although safely exiting the station is a priority, our firefighters recognize that the siren can impact neighbors and use it discretionally. Not all calls are Code 3 (lights and sirens) emergencies, but when they are, our firefighters use care and consideration when responding. In addition, drive-through apparatus bays eliminate the need for backing engines into the station, thereby reducing the noise of back-up warning systems.

For a firefighter, the station is truly a home-away-from-home. Being on duty 24 hours a day every third day, they take pride in keeping their stations, landscaping, and equipment in great condition. They also enjoy getting to know their neighbors and playing an active role in helping increase preparedness and safety.

If you ever have a question or concern, you can knock on their door and expect to be treated with respect and professionalism. And, if you ever have an emergency, you can expect excellent service, highly trained professionals, and a level of compassion that goes beyond the emergency incident itself.