Owners, Managers & Maintenance Staff

Landlords Have a Pivotal Role
Your role as a manager is critical to tenants' safety. Research conducted by Campbell and DeLong Resources concluded that properties with a negligent landlord are more likely to have residents who are negligent as well.

Reducing Fires on Your Property
There are many things managers and property owners can do to mitigate and reduce the severity of fires. Identifying access issues, building deficiencies, and unsafe tenant behavior can mean the difference between life and death when fire breaks out.

Where Most Fires Occur
Knowing where fires start and why can assist educating your tenants on fire safety.

  1. Kitchen (46.1%)
  2. Bedroom (12.3%)
  3. Living Room (6.2%)
  4. Laundry Area (3.3%)
  5. Bathroom (2.4%)

Common Causes
Most fires are human-caused.

  • Cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the United States.
  • Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths.
  • Heating appliances are the second leading cause of home fires and the second leading cause of fire deaths.
  • Arson is both the third leading cause of both home fires and home fire deaths. Arson includes juvenile firesetting.