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Service provider permit for Washington County (with associated land use case)

  1. Instructions
    1. Complete & submit the Washington County Request for Statement of Service Availability (PDF)
    2. Complete & submit the Fire Department Access and Water Supply Permit Checklist (PDF)
    3. Attach one plan sheet, labeled FS-1, that clearly shows all access and water supply requirements of the Fire Department Access and Water Supply Permit Checklist. If more plan sheets are necessary, label them FS-2, FS-3, etc. Please keep plan sheets to a minimum.

    Once approved, an electronically stamped plan will be returned to you. you will then need to submit the approved plan and statement of service availability with your land use application to Washington County Land Use & Transportation. If you have further questions, please contact Jeremy Foster at 503-259-1414, Brian Ernst at 503-259-1422 or Doug Nolan at 503-259-1420.

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