TVF&R Facilities

Our district has 27 fire stations, a Command and Business Operations Center, a training facility, and a South Operating Center as well as many community rooms that are available for reservation.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY (03/03/20) All community rooms will be temporarily closed until further notice. This is a precautionary measure being taken to ensure the health and safety of our response personnel and community members. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional questions can be directed to 503-649-8577.

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Fire Station 53

Station 53 is located in the Progress area near the Washington Square Mall. In addition to responding to the District’s largest commercial development, this station serves well-established neighborhoods in eastern Washington County and is “first-in” on a significant volume of motor vehicle accidents on Highway 217. The station is also home to one-half of the District’s Hazardous Materials Team.

In 2010 the station was re-built using funds from TVF&R's voter-approved bond.  The Progress location is ideal from an operational standpoint. However, concerns about soil stability, building layout, small apparatus bays, dated mechanical and electrical systems, and a lack of compliance with building codes and current seismic requirements made the old facility unworkable and a liability in case of a major earthquake.

The new station was constructed to survive a major earthquake and is large enough to accommodate today’s modern fire apparatus.