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Our district has 27 fire stations, a Command and Business Operations Center, a training facility, and a South Operating Center as well as many community rooms that are available for reservation.

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Community Room - Station 33

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Max Occupancy 20

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  1. 20 Chairs
  2. 7 tables
  3. ADA Accessible
  4. Limited Parking
  5. No screen
  6. Restrooms
  8. White Board
  9. Wi-Fi
Prior to submitting your reservation request, please read the following rules and expectations.

I. Applicant

a.   No food is allowed in the Community Room.

b.  Community Rooms are provided free-of-charge to qualifying Public or Not-for-Profit organizations that are located within the TVF&R service area. All other users, including private businesses or those located outside of the TVF&R boundary, are required to pay a fee of $75 for every 1 - 4 hours of use in advance.

c. Reservation requests must be submitted with 2 business days’ notice or more prior to the event date. Approvals are subject to two or more business days.

d. Each group can maintain up to 12 active reservations on the calendar at one time, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Fire Chief or authorized designees. Requests in excess of 12 will be denied.

e. The max occupancy of the Community Room is as stated above and shall not be exceeded.

II. Policies and Limitations

a. Non-District personnel are not allowed in the Community Rooms between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise permitted by the Fire Chief or authorized designees.

b. Wi-Fi access is usually available, but is not guaranteed.

c. The function scheduled shall not interfere with the normal operations of the Fire District. This includes, but is not limited to, emergency personnel or vehicle access to district property, music, and noise levels.

d. No smoking is allowed on District property, nor is the possession of alcohol, illegal or unlawfully obtained drugs or controlled substances. No weapons of any kind, regardless of possession of a lawful permit, are allowed in any Fire District Facility. The exception to the latter being Law Enforcement Officers who have possession of a firearm for official purposes.

e. No animals are allowed in any District Facility except for service animals.

f. Please take set-up or tear-down time into consideration when scheduling your time in the Community Room. It is expected that you do not enter the room until you are scheduled to be in it, and you must vacate at its scheduled conclusion.

g. Community Rooms must be left in the same manner it was received in. We ask that any messes be picked up prior to leaving.

h. Unusual rowdiness or physical/verbal abuse or intimidation towards staff members or other Community Room users will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination of the event as well as the privilege to use any TVF&R Community Room.

III. Safety

a. Access code instructions will be given at the time of approval. Once given an access code, it is our expectation that the recipient will not share it, in neither written nor verbal form, with anyone other than the requestor or responsible party.

b. Access codes shall only be used for the purpose of entering a district facility when scheduled to be in it. Use of the code at any other time, unless permission has been specifically granted, is prohibited.

c. Applicants or attendees will not “prop” open doors at any time during the event. If caught doing so, an Applicant’s right to reserve any of our Community Rooms may be relinquished.

IV. Requesting a Reservation

a. All requests must be submitted online via the calendar below.

b. For recurring events, please be aware of any conflicts within your requested series. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify their dates on the calendar below.

c. Once a reservation has been submitted, please allow up to two or more business days for your approval email containing the room access code.

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