How We Serve

TVF&R serves a population of 450,000 people in nine cities and portions of three counties.

Our stations are interdependent…moving in concert as incidents happen. Some incidents are handled with one crew, while others - like a structure fire or car crash - need multiple or specialized units from several stations.

Additionally, while some crews are engaged on a incident, other units are moved to ensure the community is covered at all times.

Demands on service are challenging our network of stations.

Although our fire stations are located throughout our service area, increases in

9-1-1 calls and traffic are impacting our ability to provide fast and effective response.

Our community is also growing older. This is prompting more calls for service and often results in longer time on scene as our firefighter medics provide care to elderly patients.

The following map of TVF&R’s 210 sq. mile service area highlights incidents from a 2-hour period on an average day, and the units needed to effectively respond.

Service Area Map (PDF)

Service area map (PDF)