Bond Measures

Bond Measure 34-133 was approved by voters in TVF&R's service area in November 2006. This $77.5 million bond will be paid over 20 years. The average cost to the typical homeowner is approximately $14 per year for the first two years, and approximately $29 per year over the life of the bond.


The bond is funding improvements throughout TVF&R's entire service area. In 2006, the following capital improvement projects were identified as critical to maintaining and improving our service to our communities for the next 50 years. Before initiating, each project is evaluated to ensure it remains critical to our long-term operation and is a wise investment of taxpayer funding.

Rebuild Existing Stations

Several TVF&R stations, built before the 1960s, have safety concerns and are unable to house modern firefighting apparatus. To date, the bond has rebuilt fire stations in West Linn (two), Wilsonville, Progress, West Slope, and Bethany. A date for the rebuild of the King City Station has not been confirmed.

Fire stations in Bethany, West Slope, and King City were originally planned to have operational and safety deficiencies corrected, but were modified to be rebuilt due to long-term cost-savings and operational benefit.

Emergency Response Apparatus

More than 33 units will be purchased over the life of the bond to help ensure timely and reliable response in all communities served by TVF&R.

Additional Fire Stations

The decision to build and staff a fire station is based on many factors, including incident data, population growth, and the needs and resources of the greater community. Concerns about increasing response times in North Tigard, warranted building Fire Station 50 in 2009. The district has also taken steps to prepare for a fire station in North Bethany should the need exist in the future.

Correct Operational and Safety Deficiencies at Fire Stations

TVF&R's older stations have operational deficiencies and need seismic reinforcement to help ensure that firefighters can serve the community following an earthquake or other major emergency. To date, completed station upgrades include South Beaverton and Tualatin. Future upgrades are planned at stations in Tigard, Wilsonville, Rock Creek, and Cooper Mountain.

Command and Business Operations Center

The district relocated TVF&R's Command and Business Operations Center from its previous location in Aloha to Tigard.

Purchase Land

The bond has enabled the district to purchase land in Tigard, North Bethany, and Aloha. Land purchased in Tigard was utilized to site a new fire station, while land in Bethany and Aloha can be used for new fire stations when needed based on future development. The district also expects to purchase land on the southwest side of Bull Mountain for a future fire station.