Firefighters fighting a wildfire

Make Improvements to Your Home

Protect Your Property

During a wildfire, time is crucial and resources are limited. Depending on the severity of the situation and what homeowners do in advance to protect their home can make the difference.Blue Address Sign

Will Firefighters Find Your Home?

Is your home located at the end of a long driveway, hidden from view? Whether it's a fire or medical emergency, minutes count and a visible address can mean the difference between life and death. Help us help you by posting your home's address at the beginning of your driveway. Rural Address Signs are available for individuals living in interface areas within our service area or call (503) 697-9418.

Don't Let Fires Start in the First Place

Take precautions to ensure that fires don't start on your property. Always supervise backyard burning and keep burn piles small enough that they extinguish by nightfall. In addition, have a hose or other water supply close at hand in case of emergency.

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