Targeted Outcomes

TVF&R is committed to developing and enhancing a diverse workforce that honors and respects our individual and group differences and builds trust in the community we serve. To this end TVF&R has three targeted outcomes:

  • Increase employee awareness regarding the benefits of a diverse workforce and how to create and maintain a culture of mutual trust and respect
  • Increase employee cultural competence to more effectively serve citizens of different backgrounds and cultures
  • Increase organizational diversity to better reflect the communities’ racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and gender diversity

Strategic Goals

We recognize that our ability to effectively serve the diverse population of our service area is directly impacted by our organizational diversity and strong cultural competency. We also appreciate that organizational diversity has a significant positive impact on the decision making and overall productivity within TVF&R.

Developing and enhancing a diverse workforce is one of the District’s Strategic Goals that defines the direction of TVF&R. We understand that we can maintain the very high standards by which we qualify candidates while removing barriers that affect interest in positions among various groups.


  • TVF&R has implemented a number of programs that support our diversity outreach activities, most of which are coordinated by the District’s Human Resources Department.
  • TVF&R has a second language incentive program that rewards individual employees who develop and maintain second language skills that are critical to our effectiveness with non-English speaking citizens.
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