Senior Walking Down the Stairs

 As people grow older, the consequences of falls grow more serious. Studies show that 50% of senior patients admitted to a hospital for a fall injury, die within one year.  Fractures from falls are a leading cause of disability and commonly result in loss of independence. Most falls happen in the home and can be avoided.
Hazards such as poor lighting, narrow stairs, and slippery surfaces can increase the chances of a fall. Reduced fitness can lead to weakened muscles, and prescription medicines can cause dizziness, fatigue, or vision problems - all of which can be contributing factors.

Choosing a Safe Senior Care Facility 

Most senior citizens want to live in their home for as long as possible. That is not surprising and it is our hope as well for the seniors we serve. However, at some point you may want to consider a senior care facility for yourself or a family member. Below are links to information that can assist with helping identify an appropriate and safe facility.

Assisted Living Residence Guide (PDF)
CDC website
Prevent Falls website