Youth Fire Intervention

Don't Let Kids Misuse Fire

Children and fire can be a fatal combination. If your child is misusing fire, call TVF&R's Youth Fire Intervention Program at 503-259-1408.

TVF&R battled a three-alarm fire at the Oakwood Park Apartments in 1996 that was started by a child. The fire killed 8 (3 adults, 5 children), injured 14, and displaced 57 tenants. To help safeguard your family, TVF&R provides free services to families affected by a child misusing fire, including: screening, educational interventions, and referrals for additional assistance. In 2012, TVF&R saw close to 100 kids.

What to Do if your Child is Misusing Fire

  • Explain the dangers of fire to your child. Remind them that fire is a tool for adults.
  • Model fire safe behaviors.
  • Keep matches, lighters, gasoline and other accelerants locked up. Explain to children that gas is only used to start engines.
  • Supervise your children when they're around candles, campfires, fireplace fires, barbecues, stoves, etc.
  • Take fire experimentation and firesetting seriously. If you do nothing, there is a good chance the behavior will continue and escalate. Property damage, injury, or loss of life could be a result.

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