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Fire & Smoke

 Additional Resources

There are ways to prevent and survive a fire. It's not a question of luck, it's a matter of planning ahead. View the links below to learn how. smoke2_thumb.png           

Interested in hands-on safety education? If you have a large group or event, the TVF&R Safety House can come to you.

Fire Safe HouseEmail Us to book the Safety House or a Safety Educator.
Alarm.jpg Smoke Alarm Brochure
skull2.jpg Keep it Noisy - Smoke Alarm Pictorial
Stove Fire Kitchen Fire Safety (English & Espanol)
fireplace.jpg Fireplace Safety
wreath2.jpg Winter Holiday Tips
Home Heating Heating Safety for Your Home
(En Espanol)
How to Use an Extinguisher How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher How to Inspect Your Fire Extinguisher  Fire Sprinkler Fire Sprinkler Brochure
Checklist Home Hazard Checklist  Burn Prevention Burn Prevention
Fire Escape Planning Fire Escape Planning - (En Espanol)  Sleeping Kids Smoke Alarms & Sleeping Children
Home Fire Safety Fire Safety for Your Home  Fireworks Safety Fireworks Safety Tips - (En Espanol)
Winter Safety Winter Safety  Dangerous Fire Trends Dangerous Fire Trends
Wildland Safety Wildland Safety  Summer Safety Tips Summer Safety Tips (BBQ, Fuel, Staining, etc.)
Cigarette Safety Cigarette Safety Tips  Turkey Fryer Tips Turkey Fryer Tips