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Washington County Fire District 2 & Emergency Medical Service Partnership
Washington County Fire District 2 and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue have joined forces to serve residents of North Plains, Scholls, Midway, Rock Creek and central Washington County.

D2.jpgWhat prompted District 2 to approach TVF&R for contracted service?
District 2’s budget will not sustain current and future staffing levels needed to meet increased demands for service. Though TVF&R’s Fire Chief Mike Duyck has been acting as the area’s chief executive officer since September 2015, both organizations’ elected board of directors expanded an agreement to include all operations on March 1. Starting July 1, TVF&R increased staffing at both fire stations, strengthening emergency response.

What does the contract provide?
Better Medical Response: Additional firefighters will be added to each shift at the North Plains and Midway fire stations. These firefighters are cross-trained as paramedics who bring a near-emergency-room-level of care to medical calls such as heart attacks and traumatic injuries.

Better Fire Response: Increased staff and TVF&R’s network of fire stations improve the ability to get enough firefighters on scene quickly to start fire attack methods that would otherwise be delayed.

Better Coverage: Additional firefighters and fire stations in TVF&R’s system improve reliability when multiple calls occur at the same time and enhance bench strength when large incidents happen.

Additional Training: Firefighters will receive critical skills training in advanced life support (EMS), structural fire suppression, wildland firefighting and other rescue techniques.

Community Service: Firefighters will continue to participate in events such as National Night Out, the Elephant Garlic Festival, and the Fourth of July Wild West Celebration and hands-only CPR training.

What’s next?
The contract is not a long-term solution. It expires on June 30, 2017. Elected leaders from District 2 and TVF&R will monitor the progress of the partnership and provide recommendations for funding and service, which may include joining forces permanently. Voters will have the opportunity to make the ultimate decision.