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Newberg Fire & Emergency Medical Service Partnership
The city of Newberg and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue entered into a two-year agreement starting July 1, 2016, strengthening emergency response in Newberg and the surrounding rural area. View map.

On June 19, 2017, the City Council unanimously decided that joining TVF&R permanently is the best option for providing stable fire and emergency medical services in the future. Elected leaders referred the issue to voters who made the ultimate decision at the ballot box in November to annex into TVF&R's service area. The city intends to reduce the amount it levies by $1.88 per $1,000 assessed valuation (the estimated amount that the city paid for fire and emergency medical operations).

Firefighter-ParamedicsWhat prompted Newberg to approach TVF&R for contracted service?
Newberg faces current and future funding limitations, which have made it difficult to provide adequate fire department staffing, maintain equipment and comply with national standards, particularly with increases in demands for service.

For several months, the city of Newberg and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue completed a discovery process to see whether a partnership would prove a good fit for both organizations. On March 7, 2016, the Newberg City Council decided to take the next step of approving a functional consolidation contract.

What has the contract provided?
More Staffing – Despite a 40 percent increase in service demands since 2006, no firefighters nor staff were added to the fire department by the city. The contract has provided additional firefighters who are cross-trained as paramedics who bring a near-emergency-room-level of care to medical calls such as heart attacks and traumatic injuries. In addition to improving medical response, additional firefighters and fire stations in TVF&R's system improve response reliability when multiple calls occur at the same time and bench strength when large incidents happen. Increased staffing also enhances fire response by improving the ability to get enough firefighters on scene quickly to start fire attack methods that would otherwise be delayed. All Newberg firefighters were hired by TVF&R, and the District added an around-the-clock duty chief to manage complex incidents and support fire station operations.

Improved Apparatus TVF&R provided an updated ladder truck and replaced two medic transport units. TVF&R also provides ongoing vehicle maintenance and reserve apparatus.

Ongoing TrainingNewberg firefighters will have increased time and resources for critical skills training in advanced life support (EMS), structural fire suppression and wildland firefighting.

Water Rescue Team Availability – Though there has been a water rescue team in Newberg for many years, it depended on off-site volunteers for staffing. Now, there are always firefighters on duty at Station 21 who are cross-trained as water rescuers and can respond immediately if needed.

Community Service – TVF&R has worked to preserve the fire department’s sense of history and community engagement and continued to support community and educational events.

How does this contract affect Newberg Rural Fire Protection District?
TVF&R extends service to Newberg Rural Fire Protection District during the functional consolidation contract through an existing contract with the city of Newberg. The Newberg Rural Board of Directors decided that joining TVF&R permanently is the best option for providing stable fire and emergency medical services in the future. Elected leaders referred the issue to voters who made the ultimate decision in November to dissolve NRFPD and annex its territory into TVF&R's service area.

What’s next?
With strong voter approval of Measures 36-187, 36-188 and 36-190, TVF&R asked the Washington County Board of Commissioners to finalize the annexation processes for both the city of Newberg and Newberg Rural Fire Protection District. Oregon law allows 100 or more existing TVF&R voters to file petitions with Washington County during the annexation process to request that the Board of Commissioners require an in-district election on the proposed annexations. In December 2017, petitions were filed and accepted by the Washington County board. Since then, TVF&R placed Measures 34-280 (city) and 34-281 (rural) on the March ballot. If voters pass both measures, TVF&R will finalize the annexation process, and the city of Newberg and Newberg Rural will permanently join TVF&R on July 1, 2018.

Newberg FireMed Open Enrollment is September 1 - October 31
You can enroll or renew your Newberg FireMed membership. This program provides you and your family with peace of mind knowing that the cost of an ambulance transport to a hospital is covered by your membership. For $52 per year, your entire family is covered. Life Flight coverage is also available when you enroll in our FireMedPlus program. For more information about Newberg FireMed and FireMedPlus, click here or call 503-259-1125. You can download an enrollment form here.