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Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Preparing for Earthquakes

How earthquake-savvy are you?
Will we be ready for the megaquake in Oregon?  Check out OPB's Unprepared series
    Washington County's October 2015 Quake-Up! (video of presntation on Oregon's Cascadia threat)
Recorded webinar with downloadable presentations: Communicating Cascadia's Earthquake Risk

See how vulnerable your home/office is via the free Temblor website and app.
Play Beat The Quake
Why buy earthquake insurance?
What do earthquakes look like? (Videos)
Let OPB show you what a Cascadia Subduction Zone quake would be like where you live
Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission
Oregon Resilience Task Force

How do you protect yourself during an earthquake? Drop, Cover, and Hold on! 
    Videos and additional details on protecting yourself during an earthquake
    Why Drop, Cover, and Hold On is far preferable to "triangle of life"

It's the law: conduct an earthquake drill at your workplace
Earthquake drills are the law for all Oregon schools, too 
Conduct a Home Hazard Hunt and make a few simple changes to keep your home contents from killing you during an earthquake (also known as "non-structural mitigation")
Learn how (and whether) to shut off your utilities

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Mt. Hood Regional Coordination Plan (updated June 2013)

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