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Philosophy & Strategic Plan
Safety & PerformanceValues and Customer Service
Employee and volunteer safety shares top priority with getting the job done well. Everyone who comes to work goes home from work, and everyone is expected to perform their jobs at the highest level possible. We will create safer communities by reducing the risk of emergencies through prevention and preparedness programs.

Despite our best efforts of prevention, when response is required, it will be effective and purposeful. We will seek innovations and external partnerships to increase efficiencies and maximize resources, and will serve as role models for implementing change in our industry.

Customer Service
Serving our community is a privilege. Whether it’s a true emergency or a situation where a citizen has simply exhausted their personal resources, we will exceed the expectations of our community. We treat our coworkers with dignity and respect, and when diverse opinions emerge, we are consensus builders who do what is best for our organization and community.

We recognize that we are accountable to the public we serve and will be good stewards of the finances and resources entrusted to us. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that brings credit to the organization and the fire service while both on and off duty.

While our vision and principles work together to shape what we do, they are only the beginning. Together, we have worked with our Board of Directors, our Division Managers, and all members of TVF&R to define a strategic plan that can still better fulfill our mission “creating safer communities through prevention, preparedness, and effective emergency response.”

Strategic Plan

TVF&R is committed to creating safer communities through prevention, preparedness, and effective emergency response through our strategic plan.

Shared Vision

Developed jointly with the Board of Directors, the statements below comprise our shared vision for optimal safety in our community. Together, we invite community members and partner governmental agencies to help us advance a community with the following attributes:
  • Protection from fire, medical, and other emergencies is increasingly achieved through prevention, yet when emergencies occur, fast and effective response services are provided by highly qualified personnel.
  • Homes and businesses are equipped with effective life safety technology and maintained in a manner that ensures early detection, alerting, and intervention.
  • Neighbors and businesses do their part and participate with us in an active emergency preparedness partnership.
  • Cooperative resource sharing and collaborative partnerships ensure a highly effective and efficient emergency response system.
  • Human, financial, and natural resources are stewarded in a sustainable manner.

In fulfilling this vision, we are committed to being an organization that:
  • Anticipates, influences, and adapts to growth and change in order to ensure that excellent services are continually available throughout the service area. To do so we make informed data-driven deployment decisions, conduct forward-thinking workforce planning, and maintain active community outreach.
  • Remains aligned to the single purpose of serving the greater community good, where the actions of every member model the highest values of public service and, together, we are recognized as a principled organization that exemplifies the concept of good government.